Access Professional Edition


The easy-to-use, access control scalable solution for small to medium-sized installations with high-security requirements.




Access Professional Edition gives you the ability to customize your system beyond access control requirements while keeping your investment costs under control.

  • Video verification
    Up to five cameras per door can be used providing better situational awareness to immediately identify threats or tailgating.
  • Alarm verification
    If an alarm is received at a door, such as exceeded door open time allowed or unauthorized credential presented, an image will immediately be displayed from the corresponding location in the operator screen.
  • Arming/disarming of intrusion systems
    Intrusion detection systems connected to the system's access controller level can be easily armed and disarmed using an appropriately authorized access credential and a corresponding PIN code.
  • Customizable operator functions and additional cardholder privileges
    Up to 16 operators with individual privileges can be simultaneously logged in performing different tasks.


Access Professional Edition (APE) is a scalable entry-level solution that is based on Bosch's Access Modular Controller (AMC) hardware which will allow you adapt to your changing system needs.

  • Integration of a broad range of access and security functions like video and alarm verification and intrusion monitoring and elevator management.
  • System management from multiple workstations or clients with different user profiles.
  • Compatible with standard readers and card formats.
  • Possibility to integrate credentials of different formats and technologies to permit new and legacy equipment to coexist, which enables a gradual, budget-friendly migration from one reader technology to another.


  • Access Professional Edition lets you administer up to 10,000 cardholders and 128 readers as well as the corresponding inputs and outputs. That gives you plenty of latitude for accommodating needs as they grow. The system is compatible with industry standard readers and credential formats.
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Client/Server Structure.
  • Wide range of access and security solutions for different situations like video verification, alarm verification, arming/disarming of intrusion systems and elevator management.
  • Customizable operator functions and additional cardholder privileges.
  • Individuals can hold credentials of different formats and technologies such as a keyfob, card or long-range UHF token.


Access Professional Edition is the ideal scalable solution for professional requirements of small- and medium-sized companies, like:

  • Retail outlets
  • Office buildings
  • Factories

An installation example could contain:

  • Access Professional database server
  • APE client workstation, alarm monitoring station
  • AMC access controller for Wiegand or RS485 bus reader
  • Access reader, e.g. ARD-R10, -R40
  • Access reader with keypad, e.g. ARD-RK40-09
  • IP video device, e.g. Dinion IP camera, VIP-X, Videojet X
  • Central video storage system, e.g. Divar XF

Standard access control combined with CCTV provides a broad range of security solutions, such as access control, video and alarm verification or arming/disarming of area/partitions on an intrusion panel.


Software Download

Software downloads are in the form of an ISO CD/DVD image. Using CD/DVD burning software you will need to create a CD/DVD from the ISO image.


Using a computer with a CD/DVD burner and software, burn the ISO image to a blank CD/DVD. We recommend burning at the lowest speed supported by your CD/DVD burner to ensure the highest quality disk.

  • APE 2.0 TU2 build CD ISO Image Requires a CD to burn the ISO image

Insert the CD/DVD into the CD/DVD drive of the computer on which you wish to install the software. The installation process should start automatically.


You must use Internet Explorer (IE) 8+, Firefox, or Safari to successful download files over 2 GB / 4 GB. A known issue with IE 6 / 7 prevents them from properly downloading files over 2 GB / 4 GB.

Important Notes

CD/DVD-burning applications and disk image emulation software capable of mounting ISOs is readily available, both commercially and on a trial or freeware basis. As these disk images are quite large, we highly recommend using a broadband connection for downloading. If you are using a slow or unreliable Internet connection, you may wish to utilize a download manager to improve reliability and provide capabilities for pausing and resuming downloads.