Wheelock Panels

SP4‑APS Addressable Paging Splitter
  • Expands one supervised audio zone into four Class B or two Class A zones
  • Provides two expansion outputs for audio boosters
  • Distributes telephone paging and background music to selected zones
  • Provides up to 40 W of supervised audio for each zone
  • Provides 16 LED indicators to monitor and troubleshoot the splitter
  • Mounts inside of and is powered by the SP40/2 or SP40S, SPB‑80/4, SPB‑160, or SPB‑320
SP4‑RMX Remote Microphone Expansion Module
  • Expands one remote microphone (SPRM) from the SP40/2 or SP40S control panel to three
  • Provides one line level, 600 Ω auxiliary audio output
  • Provides up to six remote microphones when using two SP4‑RMX modules
  • Provides multiple on‑board diagnostics with three status conditions: standby, alarm, and trouble
  • Operates on 24 VDC supplied by the SP40/2 or SP40S control panel
SP4Z‑A/B Supervised Speaker Audio Splitter
  • Expands one zone to two Class A zones or four Class B zones
  • Operates at either 25 V or 70.7 V
  • Provides power‑limited output circuitry
  • Mounts inside the system enclosure
SP4‑3MEM Series Message Expander Modules
  • Expands the voice message capability by up to three 20‑second messages
  • These message take priority over the messages shipped with the SP40/2
SPB Audio Power Boosters
  • Connects easily to the SP40/2 or SP40S Facilities Communication System
  • Interconnect multiple power boosters (up to 5280 W) to accommodate large installations
SPRM Remote Microphone
  • Provides supervised, hand‑held push‑to‑talk microphone
  • Provides power‑limited output circuitry
  • Requires key to enable microphone
  • Provides LEDs on front for system status indications
SP‑SVC Supervised Volume Control
  • Compatible with UL864 Listed 24 V supervised notification appliance circuits (NACs)
  • Compatible with Class B wiring, and with Class A wiring when used with the SP4‑APS Addressable Paging Splitter
  • Adjustment settings (0 to 10) in 3 dB increments
  • Selected adjustment does not affect volume setting of pre-recorded emergency messages or live microphone usage
  • Maximum RMS current of 10 mA

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