Interface Modules

G100 Z-Wave home control gateway
  • Convenient easy-to-use interface
  • Expandable applications (mobile app support available for Android and iOS)
  • Easy-to-use Dashboard web-based interface
  • Security and home automation workflows
  • Monthly billing plan


AppSupport EasyInstall EasySupport Indoor Wireless
B201 2-Wire Powered Loop
  • Suitable for use with 2-wire smoke detectors and burglary devices
  • Supports up to 20 compatible smoke detectors
  • Resets latching devices from the control panel
  • Connects to the control panel terminal block with easy-to-install integrated pins
  • Dual internal antennas provide spatial and polar RF signal reception for high reliability
  • Cover and wall tamper protection
  • Multiple device enrollment options as well as RF diagnostics ensure efficient and effective installation
  • Supports supervision of wireless points (504), keyfobs (1000), and repeaters (8)
  • External status LEDs
  • Detection and reporting of radio frequency interference


BubbleLevel EasyInstall Indoor SDI2 Wireless
B299 Expansion module, SDI2
  • Provides point identification for up to 100 connected addressable initiating devices using POPITs
  • Supervises wiring to devices for circuit integrity
  • Expands the number of points in the system
  • Compact size
  • Interconnect wiring connectors for easy installation


EasyInstall Indoor SDI2
B426 Ethernet Communication Module
  • Full two-way IP event reporting with remote control panel programming support
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet communication for IPv6 and IPv4 networks
  • NIST-FIPS197 Certified for 128-bit to 256-bitAES Encrypted Line Security
  • Plug and Play installation, including UPnP service to enable remote programming behind firewalls
  • Advanced configuration by browser, RPS, or A-Link
B440 Conettix Plug-in Cellular Communicator
  • Secure Conettix IP communication from compatible Bosch panels to Bosch receivers using Verizon 3G EVDO/CDMA
  • Remote programming and monitoring of compatible Bosch panels
  • Personal SMS message and e-mail notification options
  • Direct configuration from Bosch Remote Programming Software (RPS), eliminating the need for separate configuration
  • Simple LED status information and advanced keypad diagnostics available
  • Easy 2 step plug-in installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance


AppSupport EasyInstall Indoor IPNet
B430 Plug-in Communicator, Telephone
  • Provides a single telephone line with RJ-45 connection for central station reporting and remote programming
  • Easily configured for communications from Remote Programming Software (RPS) or a keypad, eliminating the need for separate configuration
  • Easy two-step plug-in installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance
B820 Inovonics SDI2 bus interface
  • Provides connectivity to Inovonics EchoStream EN4200 Serial Receiver
  • May be installed up to 1000 ft from the control panel, allowing for optimal wireless reception
  • Capacity to store any combination of point and keyfob ID’s for a total of 350 wireless devices (combined types) and up to 8 repeater ID’s
  • Mounts directly inside the EN4200 Receiver housing, no separate enclosure required
  • UL and CSFM Listed
C900V2 Dialer intercept communicator, Ethernet
  • Captures alarm and event data from dialer-based control panels using CONTACT ID, SIA, Modem II, Modem IIe, Modem IIIa2, Pulse, and other formats
  • Performs full data transmissions without changing the data
  • 12 VDC to 24 VDC voltage range
  • Re-routes signals using UDP/IP-based data networks
  • Convenient connection (RJ-45 Jack) to Ethernet networks
  • Integrated 10/100 Network Interface Module, or NIM
  • Provides acknowledgement from the receiver to the control panel
  • Supports 128-bit AES Rijndael encryption
D113 Supervision module, battery lead
  • Works with 12 V nominal systems
  • Meets NFPA 72 requirements for battery lead supervision for fire alarm control panels (FACPs)
D125B Initiating module, dual class B, 12/24V
  • Two separate powered detector loops
  • Suitable for 12 VDC or 24 VDC, two‑wire or four‑wire detectors
  • Up to 50 two‑wire 12 VDC glass break detectors
  • Reports individual loop alarm, individual loop trouble, and ground fault
  • Manually resets latching devices from control panel or remote central station
D129 Initiating circuit module, dual class A
  • Adjustable alarm and reset delays
  • Provides two supervised Class A (Style D) loops
  • Reliable terminal connections
  • Suitable for waterflow switches
  • Compensates for sprinkler alarm valve fanning
  • Suitable for mechanical initiating devices
D130 Auxiliary relay module, 12/24VDC
  • 12 VDC or 24 VDC relay
  • Allows switching of current or voltage
  • Two non-latching Form C dry contact outputs
  • Red LED shows coil is energized
  • Mounts in control panel enclosure
D132A Reversing relay module, 12V
  • Allows compatible control panels to sound all smoke detectors within a loop during an alarm
  • Mounts easily on any of the three-hole module mounting locations in a compatible control panel enclosure
D133 Single relay module for 2A at 30VDC
  • Provides one Form C dry contact rated for 2 A at 30 VDC
D134 Dual relay module for 2A at 30VDC
  • Provides two Form C dry contacts, each rated for 2 A at 30 VDC
D135A Low battery disconnect module
  • Disconnects a B6512/B5512/B4512/B3512 from the battery when the battery level drops to 9.5 VDC
  • Required for use with compatible control panels for CAN/ULC S559
  • Quick and easy installation
  • UL Listed for NFPA 72 remote station applications
  • Adjustable alarm and supervisory output current
  • Alarm activation delay
  • System test mode with LED indicator
  • Easy installation
D192G Notification appliance module
  • Supervises 12 VDC or 24 VDC notification appliance circuits (NACs)
  • Supervised signal silencing switch
  • Notification appliance circuit rated at 3.0 A
  • Multiple module configurations
  • Mounts in panel enclosure
D928 Dual phone line switcher, 12V
  • Automatically switches to alternate phone line
  • AC Power LED
  • Primary and Secondary Phone Trouble LEDs
  • Communication Fail LED
D8125MUX Expansion module, Multiplex
  • Multiplex bus controls two independent buses
  • Aux Power terminals that can be used for remote devices
  • Programmed with D5060 Handheld Programmer (not required for "i" class modules)
  • Operation monitoring LED
  • Connect to Zonex 1 or Zonex 2
  • Standard three hole mounting
  • Accepts Daisy Chain and T-Tapping bus configurations
D8130 Door release module
  • Two Form C (5 A rated) contacts
  • Remotely controls fire system devices
  • Instant or delayed relay activation and restoral
  • Relay closure follows indicating circuit duration
  • Disable switch supervised for system testing
D9127 Series POPIT Modules
  • Provides point identification of initiating devices
  • Supervises wiring to devices for circuit integrity
  • Expands the number of points in the system
  • Compact size
  • Terminal connections for reliability
  • Multiplex technology
  • Low installation costs
D9131A Parallel printer interface module
  • Prints 80-character, single-line information, such as date, time, event, account number, area number, user ID with text, point # with text and access events
  • Connects to a standard parallel printer using a standard parallel cable
DX4010V2 USB/serial interface module
  • RS-232/USB connectivity
  • Enhanced direct connection for Remote Programming Software (RPS)
  • RJ-16 data bus
  • Transparent enclosure
  • Diagnostic light emitting diodes (LEDs)
  • DIP switches for address and bus programming
ICP-SDI-9114 SDI isolated bus splitter
  • Provides two independent, isolated SDI buses from a single SDI connection to the control panel
  • Can be used to meet the requirements for a UL864 compliant combination control panel
  • Does not affect the operation of the control panel or the associated SDI devices
  • Additional power can be supplied by an external power supply
ISW-D8125CW-V2 Interface module, Inovonics Echostream
  • Bosch Security Systems, Inc. control panel compatibility
  • Up to two ISW‑D8125CW‑V2 connections for each control panel; one per Zonex Bus
  • User-friendly menus and backlit display
  • Liquid crystal display (LCD) shows two lines by 16 characters
  • Internal keypad
  • Diagnostic functions for troubleshooting system RF transmitters
MODEM-KIT-2400B Programming modem, 2400 baud
  • For programming communications

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