Our focus is on tracking objects of interest from every angle


Keeping track of and being able to identify moving objects is critical in any surveillance operation. The AUTODOME cameras bring object identification to the next level with improved sharpness, incredible zoom capabilities, more accurate color reproduction and more detail in challenging lighting situations. In-camera technologies provide uninterrupted tracking of objects of interest and help you focus on relevant situations while keeping bit rates at the lowest level. From IP to analog, standard resolution to HD, indoors or outside, we have the right moving camera for your video surveillance needs, enabling true motion tracking of objects of interest.


24/7 remote access and camera control


Video footage and control over your cameras should be available all the time, no matter where you are. The AUTODOME IP cameras are fully supported by Dynamic Transcoding, the patented Bosch technology that delivers smooth live video and access to HD images when needed, regardless of available bandwidth. Use the free Video Security app on your mobile device to access camera controls, live video streams and HD images. You’ll have full camera access and control everywhere and at any time.


Intelligent technologies ensure the highest quality of images


Our key technologies have changed the way you capture, retrieve and record images. And the AUTODOME IP range makes full use of our latest innovations. Intelligent Tracking automatically tracks moving objects based on predefined alarm rules or a simple click. By distinguishing between single and multiple reference points, the technology dynamically adjusts the field of view to provide uninterrupted tracking with optimal image capture. All AUTODOME IP 7000 cameras feature Content Based Imaging Technology (CBIT). Captured images are tailored to the content of the scene. Depending on movement, varying light intensity, and back and front light fluctuations, the camera settings are continuously and dynamically adjusted.

The AUTODOME IP 7000 family also features built-in Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) to help you focus on relevant situations. Based on the IVA rules which you set, it alerts you when needed. IVA also adds sense and structure to video data through metadata – allowing quick retrieval of relevant images from hours of stored video. With the ability to simultaneously combine 8 of the 15 available IVA rules, complex tasks are made easy and false alarms are reduced to a minimum.


Lower costs without compromising on video quality


A perfect picture of an irrelevant scene is of no use. Because quiet scenes with little or no movement require a lower bit rate, Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (IDNR) reduces bitrate by up to 50 percent. It does so by intelligently distinguishing between noise and relevant information, such as movement. The noise is reduced at the source during image capture, making sure the lower bit rate does not compromise video quality.


Designed for ease, tested for reliability


After an exceptionally easy installation, the AUTODOME IP cameras work seamlessly with a wide range of security software and recording solutions from Bosch and many other industry providers. This is backed by ONVIF conformance and the Integration Partner Program (IPP), which gives developers immediate access to software development tools to easily integrate Bosch products with third-party systems. The most comprehensive and rigorous battery of endurance tests in the industry assures the AUTODOME cameras deliver years of reliable operation. AUTODOME housings resist vandalism, water ingress, corrosion, ultraviolet rays, and impact. A built-in heater/blower also prevents fogging down to -40°C / -40°F.


The AUTODOME family

IP cameras – Quality video images in high resolution, regardless of lighting conditions
AUTODOME IP starlight 7000 HD HD 720p at 60 frames per second, extreme low light sensitivity (starlight)
AUTODOME IP dynamic 7000 HD Full HD 1080p at 30 frames per second, Wide Dynamic Range (90dB)
AUTODOME IP 7000 HD Full HD 1080p at 30 frames per second
AUTODOME IP 7000 480p at 30 frames per second
AUTODOME junior HD Full HD 1080p at 30 frames per second
AUTODOME Easy II IP 480p at 30 frames per second
Analog cameras – For standard resolutions, using our superior imaging technology
AUTODOME AN 5000 720 TVL (960H)
AUTODOME AN 4000 720 TVL (960H)
AUTODOME 600 550 TVL, Wide Dynamic Range (92dB)

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