Autodome Cameras

State-of-the-art technology delivers optimal image clarity, camera handling and sensitivity. With high resolution day/night cameras, the AutoDome provides exceptional image quality in a wide range of lighting conditions.


See it all with exceptional clarity and control


More pixels, more possibilities

The AutoDome 800 Series HD Cameras deliver upon Bosch’s uncompromising vision to provide high-quality, easy-to-use high-definition (HD) security solutions. Our HD offerings deliver more pixels per target object for the detail level needed to distinguish markings or small features in a scene that are essential for object recognition and accurate identification. 1080p resolution at 30 images per second or 720p resolution at 60 images per second ensures smooth video of fast moving objects. A 16:9 aspect ratio provides improved situational awareness by maximizing the field of view without compromising image clarity

High quality video day and night

In scenes with bright and dark areas, AutoDome dramatically improves the dynamic range by as much as 128 times, resulting in clear image reproduction. In fading light, the SensUp feature automatically slows shutter speeds to increase sensitivity by more than 50 times. At night, infrared contrast with enhanced IR sensitivity produces clear images in low light environments.

Extended zoom

Get tight close-ups with optical zoom lens choices of 28x or 36x with the AutoDome 600 Series analog and 700 Series IP cameras. Our HD series provide 20x optical zoom for detailed imaging from long distances.

Precise camera control

Bosch’s patented AutoScale proportional zoom technology automatically reduces pan and tilt speeds in proportion to the depth of zoom, ensuring precise camera control at all times. AutoPivot rotates the camera 180° once it tilts past the vertical position to maintain correct image orientation.