Advanced Optics


See it all with exceptional clarity and control

AUTODOME cameras deliver state-of-the-art technology for optimal image clarity, camera handling and sensitivity, ensuring you get the best image in even the most challenging lighting conditions.

  • In scenes with bright and dark areas, AUTODOME dramatically improves the dynamic range by as much as 128 times.
  • In fading light, SensUp automatically slows shutter speeds to increase sensitivity by more than 50 times.
  • At night, infrared contrast with enhanced IR sensitivity produces clear images in low light environments.
  • Sodium Vapor White Balance mode enables the cameras to restore images of objects to their original color when affected by street or tunnel lamps.

High-resolution, high performance

Available in a full range from standard resolution 550TVL to high definition 1080p to fit any application. Choose a high definition IP camera module (1080p30) or a high sensitivity, low noise camera module. High definition models deliver 20x zoom, while standard definition cameras offer 28x or 36x optical zoom. Modules deliver precise, high-speed 360-degree rotation for increased monitoring range. Wide dynamic range technology captures important details in bright and dark areas.

For applications with fast moving objects, high performance progressive scan provides smooth and clear video. Additionally, HD models can be configured in 720p60 mode to allow capture of fast motion without any motion artifacts in applications ranging from gaming centers to traffic surveillance to number plate capture.


High performance imaging

AUTODOME brings imaging to the next level with improved sharpness, more accurate color reproduction, and more detail in low-light.

Built-in intelligence

Embedded video analytics and unique tracking technology monitor scenes for security risks, automatically track objects of interest, and alert operators for improved threat detection and security.

Intuitive simplicity

Preconfigured imaging modes and quick connect systems make for faster installation. ONVIF conformance and a comprehensive partner program simplifies integration with third party systems.

Uncompromising reliability

Durable design, dual power supplies, and relentless endurance and quality testing ensure years of trouble-free operation.

Broad portfolio

From analog to IP, standard resolution to HD, indoors or out, there’s an AUTODOME to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications.


Intelligence in Motion

Motion Detection

Whether in a fixed position or on tour, AUTODOME continuously analyzes the scene for moving objects based on pre-defined tracking rules.


AutoTrack II

Advanced DSP provides real-time video processing for incredibly smooth object tracking. AutoTrack II utilizes unique virtual masking technology to ignore extraneous background motion, such as a tree blowing in the wind, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.



IP models feature Enhanced Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) capabilities that reliably detect and analyze moving objects while suppressing unwanted alarms from spurious sources in the image. IVA functionality built into the AUTODOME is able to detect idle and removed objects as well as loitering, multiple line crossing, and trajectories while detection filters improve reliability and reduce operator work load.


Intelligent Tracking

Intelligent Tracking uses the enhanced processing power of the AUTODOME 7000 platform and IVA algorithms to offer robust rule-based Intelligent Tracking.

Intelligent Tracking can be triggered automatically if any of the IVA alarm conditions are met. Additionally, operators can simply click on a moving target, and Intelligent Tracking will take over PTZ control to keep the subject in focus until overridden by an operator action.

When important objects—such as people and vehicles—are being followed, the groundbreaking Intelligent Tracking algorithm dynamically re-tunes settings to ensure the most useful, highly detailed images of objects of interest are followed. You get reliable performance without human intervention. The cameras can even track moving objects when they are temporarily hidden behind scene obstructions or when moving trees or other background noise is present.


Privacy masking

The camera provides 24 individual, easy to configure privacy masks, with up to 8 displayed in the same scene.. As the camera is zoomed, privacy masks quickly change size to ensure the covered object cannot be seen.


Simultaneous streaming for flexible viewing

The AUTODOME IP models employ the latest Bosch firmware design, which allows flexible quad-streaming capabilities. AUTODOME 7000 HD can deliver a high resolution HD stream (1080p30 or 720p60) and scaled-down H.264 and JPEG streams simultaneously. This allows the camera to be configured for full resolution local monitoring and recording as well as reduced resolution for bandwidth-friendly remote viewing.


Designed for Ease


Ease of installation and use

Pre-terminated, color-coded wiring and a quick connect system between the camera and mount make AUTODOME faster to install than other pan-tilt-zoom domes, while Power over Ethernet capability means no additional power supplies or wiring are needed for IP models.

Quick start-up and a user-friendly interface make onsite set-up simple. Pre-configured user modes, such as low light and traffic, provide optimal camera performance at the click of a button.


Multiple software and recording options

For small systems, you can record on a suitable SD card installed inside the camera or centrally on a direct-to-iSCSI storage system without the need for any additional network video recorder software or server. For systems with more advanced requirements, cameras can be configured to record on an enterprise storage system with Bosch Video Recording Manager (VRM).


Seamless Integration

Bosch IP standard- and high-definition cameras, encoders and analytics work seamlessly with a wide range of security software and recording solutions from Bosch and other industry providers. Through ONVIF conformance, the open availability of Bosch video software development kits and a team dedicated to special integration and support projects, it is easy to manage Bosch video products within your system design.


Tested Tough for Reliability


Durable performance

Subject to the industry’s most demanding endurance tests, AUTODOME delivers years of dependable operation in both indoor and outdoor applications. With a heavy-duty, tamper-resistant aluminum housing that is rated to IP66, AUTODOME cameras provide uncompromised functionality even in dusty and wet environments.


Superior protection

Housings resist vandalism, water ingress, corrosion, ultraviolet rays, and impact. All outdoor housings are made from cast aluminum for superior corrosion resistance. A heater/blower prevents fogging down to -40°C (-40°F), and the “XT” extreme temperature kit extends the operating range of AUTODOME 600 outdoor pendants down to a frigid -55°C (-67°F).


Make the Right Choice

Whatever your application, AUTODOME cameras are field proven, used by schools and universities, government agencies, correctional facilities, retail stores, casinos and in many other commercial and industrial environments throughout the world.

Bosch’s superior customer service and technical support teams back every AUTODOME camera. Our goal is total customer satisfaction through products, service and support. We’ll help you make the most of your security investment.

From analog to IP, standard resolution to HD, indoors or out, with our broad portfolio we have the right AUTODOME to meet the requirements of your application.

  • AUTODOME Easy II offers rugged, compact, pan-tilt-zoom cameras available in analog and IP versions. Ideal for discrete surveillance, they offer many features typically found only in traditional high-speed dome cameras.
  • AUTODOME Junior HD is a rugged, compact camera available in pan-tilt-zoom or fixed dome versions. Measuring nearly half the size of our standard AUTODOME cameras, they are ideal for indoor applications that require discreet surveillance. Use a mix of PTZ and fixed models in areas where both highly-detailed images and aesthetics are important.
  • The powerful AUTODOME 600 cameras feature 550 TVL and 28x or 36x optical zoom for an increased monitoring range with fewer cameras. High performance, progressive scan digital imaging delivers sharp video even when moving objects are present.
  • The AUTODOME 4000 Mini PTZ Dome is a high-resolution, day/night camera that delivers uncompromised functionality and performance at a very affordable price. It features a 30x optical + 10x digital zoom, 720 TVL (NTSC and PAL), privacy masking, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), and a built-in heater. The rugged, compact design is ideal for discrete surveillance applications in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • The AUTODOME 5000 day/night PTZ camera features 36x optical +12x digital zoom and a high-resolution 960H sensor that is capable of delivering a maximum resolution of 720TVL. The Wide Dynamic Range of the sensor allows the camera to capture detailed images even in challenging high-contrast scenes. 36x
  • AUTODOME 7000 IP and HD cameras combine advanced intelligence with maximum streaming flexibility and high resolution video for powerful surveillance capabilities in 2 MP / 1080p HD or 540 TVL resolution. High definition models feature 20x zoom while the standard definition IP cameras offer 28x or 36x optical zoom.

IP Models

Type Compact IP PTZ Compact HD PTZ High-speed IP iPTZ High-speed HD iPTZ
Zoom 10x optical
12x digital
10x optical
16x digital
28x, 36x optical
12x digital
20x optical
12x digital
Resolution 480p 1080p 480p 1080p
Standard Features
Day/Night - X X X
IR Sensitivity - X X X
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) - - X X
SensUp frame integration X X X X
Tamper-resistant housing X X X X
Advanced Features
AutoTrack II motion tracking X X X X
Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) X X X X
Intelligent Tracking - - X X
Intelligent PTZ (iPTZ) - - X X
Privacy masking and sector blanking X X X X
Programmable alarm handling rules - - X X
Mounting Options
In-ceiling X X X X
Surface Mount X X - -
Pendant Arm / Wall X X X X
Roof / Parapet - - X X
Pipe X X X X
Pole - - X X
Corner - - X X

Analog Models

Type Compact PTZ High-Speed Analog PTZ Mini 960H PTZ Dome 960H PTZ Dome
Zoom 10x optical
12x digital
28x, 36x optical
12x digital
26x optical
10x digital
36x optical
12x digital
Resolution 530 TVL 550TVL 720TVL 720TVL
Standard Features
Day/Night - X X X
IR Sensitivity - X X X
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) - - X X
SensUp frame integration X X - X
Tamper-resistant housing X X - -
Advanced Features
AutoTrack II motion tracking - X X X
Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) - - - -
Intelligent Tracking - - - -
Intelligent PTZ (iPTZ) - - - -
Privacy masking and sector blanking X X X X
Programmable alarm handling rules X X - -
Mounting Options
In-ceiling X X X X
Surface Mount X - - -
Pendant Arm / Wall X X X X
Roof / Parapet - X - -
Pipe X X X X
Pole - X - -
Corner - X - -