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Banks, where it is absolutely essential to manage risks, were among the first to install security systems. They are still among the users with the highest expectations – and understandably so. Security systems continue to play an important role for internal risk management at banks, which must meet incredibly demanding requirements with regard to security, safety, and communications. The challenges include:

  • Preventing kidnapping and robberies
  • Detecting vandalism and fraud at cash points
  • Integrating security and safety concepts into bank processes
  • Managing a wide variety of different access authorizations
  • Ensuring intrusion and alarm mechanisms, fire detection, and constant monitoring

Solutions from Bosch Security Systems help banks to manage these security, safety, and communication challenges.


Reference Projects


Banco del Bajío, Mexico

Mexican bank Banco de Bajío has 52 branches in 21 cities serving over 47,000 customers. Banco del Bajío is a niche financial institution that focuses on SMEs, agribusiness and commercial banking. In the last five years, Banco del Bajío opened 139 new subsidiaries, creating a total network of 203 offices, present in 58 cities and metropolitan areas of 24 states.


National Bank, Czech Republic

"The CNB is the central bank of the Czech Republic. It was established by the Constitution of the Czech Republic and performs supervision over the financial market. It manages the assets entrusted to it by the state independently and with due diligence. Its main aim is to care about price stability and a low-inflation economic environment. It installed a DCN discussion system for its conference center.

Global Reference List

Global Reference List

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