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Government facilities such as legislatures, city halls and courtrooms perform a wide range of functions. They are used for hosting summit meetings, holding conferences and debates, parliamentary voting, and many other purposes. These facilities have demanding communication requirements such as state-of-the-art sound quality and simultaneous interpreting systems. At the same time, they must ensure the security and safety of participants, employees, and visitors. Government buildings therefore face daunting security, safety and communication challenges:

  • Providing state-of-the art conferencing systems
  • Managing a wide variety of different access authorizations for high-security areas
  • Detecting intrusion, sabotage, and malicious attacks
  • Dealing with fire and explosions
  • Providing video surveillance of all activities
  • Evacuating people quickly and efficiently when required

Solutions from Bosch Security Systems help government facilities to master these security, safety, and communication challenges.


Reference Projects


Alabama Department of Natural Resources, United States

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Marine Resources Division is responsible for securing the more than 750 square miles of water that make up Mobile Bay as well as 11,000 square miles in the Gulf of Mexico. With less than 20 officers on patrol, the department required surveillance video of important areas throughout the Bay.


City of Surrey Command Post

The City of Surrey required a purpose-built vehicle for use in emergencies, at crime scenes, fire sites and at public-facing events. Video capabilities are necessary to provide overhead surveillance of local areas when the command post is in use. The mobile command post features a ruggedized pan-tiltz-zoom camera that provides exceptional video clarity.

Global Reference List

Global Reference List

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