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Schools, universities, kindergartens, and other educational institutions are used for meeting, living, and learning. In today’s world, which is fraught with violence, vandalism, and theft, they need to create a safe environment – and not only inside classrooms. This poses extremely demanding security, safety, and communication requirements such as:

  • Protecting students and employees
  • Preventing theft and losses
  • Managing a wide variety of different access authorizations
  • Evacuating people quickly and efficiently when required
  • Making clear, facility-wide announcements
  • Dealing with fires and explosions

Solutions from Bosch Security Systems help educational institutions to master these security, safety, and communication challenges.


Reference Projects


Liberal Arts University

The university turned to SimplexGrinnell - a longtime leader in life safety and property protection - for a solution. Now, more than 80 high definition IP cameras are installed at doorways, in select hallways, and in parking areas on campus.


Davidson College, United States

Davidson College in North Carolina is a highly selective independent liberal arts college for 1,700 students. Since its establishment in 1837, it has graduated 23 Rhodes Scholars and is consistently regarded as one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country. The college’s IT department upgraded its fire and intrusion systems to communicate over IP.


Dallastown Area School District, United States

Nearly 250 FLEXIDOME IP cameras monitor the hallways and cafeterias in the district's buildings. Day/Night cameras provide an extended dynamic range and mechanically switching IR filter to capture video in areas that have low light or that are near windows with excessive light. In addition, 14 AUTODOME 7000 IP cameras monitor the exteriors of the middle and high school, including the football field.


New Mexico Junior College

With overlapping video coverage, the new system exceeded the requirements of Premier Exhibitions technicians, who noted it rivaled the security of many of the major museums that had previously displayed the Titanic Exhibition.

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Global Reference List

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