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In securing industrial facilities, top priority is protecting employees and visitors.

Ensuring safe containment of materials is critical to the business and surrounding communities. Systems that integrate video surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection are essential to keep tabs on vulnerable areas.

With security systems that use Internet technology along with integrated video surveillance systems, intrusion or fire detection and access control, Bosch Security Systems, Inc. provides the solutions that help prevent industrial accident and loss.


Reference Projects


Echo Powers up Security with Bosch Systems

Echo, Inc. recently expanded its facilities and locations to fulfill the demands of a growing market. Its two locations now cover more than 35 acres with facilities that span a total of 540,000 square feet. The company was in need of a cost-effective, convenient and easy to use solution that would enhance the security of these two, independently-operated facilities. Echo also desired a solution that would integrate access control and intrusion detection capabilities.


Erie Water Works shores up security

Following the events of September 11, the Environmental Protection Agency mandated that water companies perform vulnerability assessments for their facilities. Upon completing the assessment, Erie Water Works developed a multiyear investment plan to enhance security at its facilities. The plan aimed to upgrade access control systems and existing intrusion systems and to add video surveillance to its two primary facilities where water is stored and processed, as well as to other facilities.

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Global Reference List

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