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Bosch Security Systems, Inc. offers a solution that includes a transparent blend of technologies. This lets Bosch apply the optimum type and level of technology to specific problems.

There are as many requirements for security today as there are transit authorities. The threats facing methods of transportation are high. The distances to be secured are massive. Funding for security budgets is tight. Whether air, rail, or automobile travel, all must be secured and constantly monitored for the sake of public safety.


Reference Projects


Port of Greater Baton Rouge Tackles Maritime Security

The port needed a security solution that would ensure the secure transport of cargo and the safety of staff and visitors working within the confines of the port - including dock workers, truck drivers and the personnel of tenant companies with operations on port property. The solution also needed to conquer the logistical issues of the port's main Mississippi River Terminal and Inland Rivers Terminal, such as the large distance between the locations.


Athens International Airport Upgrades to IP Video Surveillance

To meet the challenges of the increase in air travel, the airport will be upgraded over several years. The airport is known for its continuous investment in pioneering technology. One of the most important and critical elements in airport security is the video monitoring system. The security solution has to handle open public areas, large fenced areas, and needs to ensure integration with other relevant systems.


Advanced Traffic Management System

Cameras allow real-time monitoring of arterial roadways and signalized intersections, enabling Traffic Management Center operators to verify traffic signal system operation, manage incidents, visually verify timing adjustments real-time, and more

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Global Reference List

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