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Every day, hazardous locations are faced with an inherent set of risks that is truly worthy of the word “hazardous.” Such facilities need dependable equipment to help protect people, secure property and maintain safe, efficient processes.

Bosch, with a portfolio of video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, fire safety and communications products, is a field-proven expert in security and communications for hazardous locations. Our equipment plays a major part in safeguarding people – from employees to nearby residents, monitoring critical equipment – from gas compressors to vapor recovery units, and ensuring safe processes – from gauge verification to flame detection. Our products are trusted the world over, utilized at facilities such as petroleum, petrochemical and chemical sites.


Reference Projects


Adding Intelligence to an Existing CCTV System

In a world of data overload, video security and surveillance systems suffer from the same shortcomings - there are many more cameras than there are eyes to watch them, and the simple motion detection built into every modern device is restricted in its effectiveness because, by definition, it only detects motion.


Intelligent Video Solutions for Industrial Facilities

In the past, facility perimeters were protected by the use of laser and fiber-based fence detection systems, infrared and microwave motion detectors, and acoustic sensors. The problem with all of these technologies is that they are highly susceptible to false alarms, and provide no visual confirmation as to the source of the alarm. Simply placing cameras on the perimeter and monitoring them from a central control room is not the answer, either.

Global Reference List

Global Reference List

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