Integrated Security Solutions


Bosch products are designed to work together to maximize facility control, better mitigate risks, and make systems easier to use and manage.

With high-performing systems for intrusion and fire detection, access control, video surveillance and communications, Bosch is your choice for integrated solutions. And you can benefit from this technology whether you get a complete solution from Bosch or combine our technology with software from one of our partners.


Simplify security with a complete system


B and G Series systems offer combination intrusion and fire detection, include access control and integrate with Bosch IP video and public address systems for superior security solutions. With Bosch integrated solutions, users can:

  • Present credentials at a reader to automatically unlock the door and disarm the intrusion system
  • View video of access or intrusion events and receive text or email alerts with a video snapshot
  • Trigger pre-recorded audio announcements to building occupants based on fire or security incidents

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Increased awareness


Enhance security of sensitive areas


Video analytics can alert to potential risks in high-security areas, and the B and G Series systems support dual authentication for access to these locations. In addition, the public address system can trigger announcements when needed.

  • Require employees to present a credential and a PIN to gain access to a high security area
  • Verify the identification of an employee requesting access and use video analytics to count people entering and exiting
  • Trigger an audio announcement to warn unauthorized individuals they are under surveillance and send alerts to security personnel through two-way radios

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Protect sensitive areas

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Automate announcements


Improve system management


Integrating the Bosch Video Management System with B or G Series panels provides centralized control of security and video devices and doors across the organization.

  • Control areas, doors, points and video devices all from a graphical map
  • Display alerts and events from video, intrusion and access devices
  • Extend beyond security by using video data to support business decisions and improve customer satisfaction

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Centralize system control


Verify alarms and intervene when needed


Bosch video monitoring services enable central station operators to view video of intrusion and video analytic alerts and intervene when needed.

  • View pre- and post-alarm video alongside live video for situational awareness
  • Provide verified alarm information for a priority response from local authorities
  • Intervene with audio to prevent facility damage

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Around-the-clock security


Integrate with more partners


Working with industry partners allows us to provide you with even more integration possibilities.

  • Choose the best solution from a range of compatible third-party video management software and storage providers
  • Easily identify the compatible software or product that is right for you
  • Integrate specialized capabilities, such as facial or license plate recognition, to meet specific user requirements

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Integration Partner Program


Vertical Market Solutions


For schools and universities, retail stores, critical infrastructure sites, government facilities, office buildings and other commercial and industrial locations, Bosch solutions increase overall security and reduce complexity for the user.

  • Streamline manual security processes with automated functions
  • Notify personnel to possible security risks to increase efficiency and enhance safety
  • Meet regulations faced by vertical markets with customized security measures

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