Dinion and FlexiDome IP and Analog Cameras


Reveal more details in your surveillance images with FlexiDome and Dinion cameras

When clarity counts, rely on Bosch cameras to provide the best level of detail to match your application and budget. We understand high performance video surveillance and our products consistently incorporate the latest advances to satisfy your needs.

Whatever your surveillance application demands, there’s an ideal solution in our award-winning FlexiDome and Dinion families of IP and analog cameras.


IP Cameras in HD and Standard Definition


Dinion IP and FlexiDome IP cameras deliver image excellence together with Bosch‘s advanced IP video surveillance technology – such as H.264 compression. Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) conformance ensures the new cameras are easy to install – integrating seamlessly with third party solutions. The series includes 1080p high definition and 2X IP models together with our professional standard Dinion IP and FlexiDome IP cameras.

Dinion HD and FlexiDome HD Day/Night IP cameras provide a choice of 1080p or 720p resolution, excellent image quality and accurate color reproduction for the detail needed to distinguish fine features in a scene. Our HD cameras produce more pixels per target object to make it easier to monitor monetary transactions, identify facial characteristics and keep track of small, high-value items. HD video also delivers improved situational awareness using a 16:9 image format that maximizes the field of view.

Dinion 2X and FlexiDome 2X IP Day/Night Camera

Our Dinion 2X and FlexiDome 2X IP Day/Night cameras feature 20-bit image processing to capture crucial details in the most demanding lighting conditions. Advanced software algorithms analyze and enhance each pixel, and highly-sensitive CCD sensors create progressive scan images for clear, sharp details, in low light and busy scenes. Strong backlighting or high contrast scenes are no problem, thanks to the camera’s wide dynamic range.


Dinion Analog Cameras


Dinion 2X

The flagship of the Dinion range, the 20-bit Dinion 2X Day/Night camera gives you a powerful solution capable of handling the most demanding lighting situations, 24 hours a day.


DinionXF is the natural choice for high-performance professional surveillance systems. Its many image enhancement features ensure great performance and reliability straight from the box.


In locations well-illuminated by natural or artificial lighting, Bosch’s 10-bit Dinion cameras are the right solution. A professional-standard video camera that delivers crisp, clear pictures, Dinion gives you consistent, high-quality performance on which you can stake your surveillance.


FlexiDome Analog Cameras


FlexiDome 2X

Are you looking for a dome camera that produces the highest quality surveillance images? The FlexiDome 2X Day/Night is the solution for you. It combines the precise performance of our advanced 2X 20-bit processing and wide dynamic range sensor with a rugged, stylish dome.


FlexiDomeXF offers a subtle profile, the ruggedness of a dome and the performance of the renowned DinionXF camera. This compact, integrated dome solution is available in a range of models tough enough for almost any environment, yet attractive enough to be mounted in any location.

FlexiDomeXT+ and FlexiDomeVF

FlexiDomeXT+ combines award-winning Dinion imaging quality and outstanding reliability in a tough-as-nails dome. Or choose our FlexiDomeVF model as the ideal indoor alternative.