Conference Systems

Conferences come in all shapes and sizes; fortunately, so do Bosch Conference Systems. From intimate informal meetings, to major multi-lingual conferences with thousands of delegates, Bosch Conference Systems get people interacting and communicating effectively, and in a way that suits everyone.


DICENTIS Wireless Conference System

Being wireless, quick and easy to set-up and use, the DICENTIS system is perfect for multi-purpose rooms and historical buildings.


CCS 1000 D Discussion System

The CCS 1000 D Discussion System is ideal for small to medium meeting areas such as town halls, local business centers and courtrooms.


CCS 900 Ultro

A versatile and economical discussion system that brings order and convenience to small and mid-sized gatherings and conferences.


DCN Next Generation

This digital system offers high-quality audio, data transmission and complete control over conference proceedings.


Integrus Wireless Language Distribution

An infrared system that provides conference venus with a versatile means of language and audio distribution.