Automatic Fire Detector 440 Series

The Automatic Fire Detector 440 Series is an innovative addition to Bosch’s expanding fire systems portfolio. These advanced analog addressable detectors are a generation ahead of other devices – setting the standard for reliable fire detection and false alarm prevention.


Detect even the smallest particles

The new dual-optical variants in the 440 Series use Bosch's Dual Ray Technology for even greater precision. Dual Ray Technology determines smoke density and particle size by comparing the intensity of scattered light from the differing wavelengths of two LED sources, one infrared and one blue.

Bosch's powerful fire-detection algorithm provides exceptional differentiation between smoke particles and other particles — like dust and steam — that can cause a false alarm in other detectors. As a result, the Dual Ray detectors provide earlier, more reliable fire detection and produce fewer false alarms.


Multicriteria and multisensor fire detection

Multicriteria detectors better distinguish between fire and non-fire conditions and reduce false alarms in areas with challenging environmental conditions. The analog addressable 440 Series gives you a choice of heat, optical smoke, or a combination of optical smoke and heat. And, our most advanced model represents a step forward for the fire detection industry—a multicriteria detector that identifies the presence of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide for maximum reliability.


Intelligent Signal Processing


Each detector features Intelligent Signal Processing, which uses a sophisticated, high speed microprocessor to analyze signals from each sensor. A complex algorithm ensures the sensor pattern matches that of a real fire scenario to provide immunity against possible false alarm triggers, such as steam or high humidity. This advanced technology significantly reduces false alarm rates and provides more accurate fire detection, while also achieving faster recognition of different types of fires.


Reliable, affordable performance

The 440 series features a unique self-monitoring feature. If sensor functionality is not detected, a trouble message is generated and reported back to the panel. This helps ensure each area of your facility is always being monitored. In addition, a triple-color LED indicates status, including normal, trouble or alarm.

The unique Chamber Maid feature allows the unit to be cleaned without disassembly, ensuring reduced costs for end users over the life of the product.


The 440 Series at a glance


Each model in the 440 Series can be combined with any of the four available bases, providing maximum flexibility.

  • FAH-440 Heat Detector Responds when the temperature exceeds a specific threshold and considers the rate of the temperature rise. A perfect fit for areas where open and fast-subsiding fires may occur, such as kitchens.
  • FAP-440 / FAP-440-D Optical Smoke Detector Photoelectric detector that is ideal for areas where smoldering fires are a risk and where early warning of fires is critical. This includes restaurants, offices, and lobby or reception areas.
  • FAP-440-T / FAP-440-DT Multisensor Detector uses both optical and thermal sensors and is well suited for areas where open, quickly subsiding fires or smoldering fires may occur, such as conference rooms, storage areas and hospitals.
  • FAP-440-TC / FAP-440-DTC Multicriteria Detector At the top of the line, these multicriteria detectors employ a powerful combination of optical, thermal and carbon monoxide detection. This device is ideal for areas where carbon monoxide may be generated – such as technical rooms, repair shops and production facilities.
Features Benefits
Multisensor fire detection Better distinguish between fire and non-fire conditions and reduce false alarms
Intelligent Signal Processing Immunity against possible false alarm triggers and more accurate fire detection
Rotary switches Easy addressing and servicing of detectors
Unique cleaning method Reduces the total cost of ownership and allows you to clean from the inside out
Self-monitoring supervision Ensures consistent performance and reliable operation
12 levels of smoke sensitivity and nine levels of temperature sensitivity Adapts to a variety of ambient conditions
Interchangeable detectors and bases Maximum flexibility for a range of environmental conditions
254 detectors connect to one SLC loop Reduces system and installation costs