FPA-1000 Compact Fire Control Panel

The FPA-1000 is recommended for a wide range of commercial and public building applications such as retail, schools, universities, manufacturing plants and health care facilities.


The FPA-1000 is a scalable solution for fire detection. Protect your building with a single system or connect multiple panels together as your needs grow. Networking capabilities support the monitoring of up to 2,000 addressable points in one system.

Plug-and-play installation

Networking module mounts to the new FPA-1000 panel slot, requiring less wiring and no need for separate power and supervision.

Multiple cable types in the same network

Mixed wiring support on one network module includes Ethernet, fiber optic or two-conductor wire for more flexibility in system design.

Remote programming and diagnostics

A set of interactive Web pages provide an instant means to access important system functions, including programming, status, diagnostic tools and test data.

IP-based reporting

Built-in Bosch Conettix IP technology communicates over local or wide area networks for faster alarm reporting and reduced costs.

Integrated gas detection

The first combination panel listed for both fire and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm, it complies with new CO regulation requirements for monitoring and reporting this hazardous gas.

Enhanced safety and efficiency

Extra-large buttons allow first responders to operate the keypad control while wearing protective gloves.