Access Easy Control System


Easy to install and use, the Access Easy Control System integrates a host of security features such as CCTV integration, video verification and intrusion monitoring without sacrificing simplicity and intuitive control.



Bosch Security Systems combines its expertise in access control and CCTV in one innovative, simple to use solution that offers advanced features such as video verification and intrusion monitoring.

It is so easy to set up and manage that just at first sight and one click a cardholder can get authorized access:

  • The Web-based access control solution of choice
  • Ability to record and show videos in conjunction with integrated video devices
  • Intuitive, user-friendly graphical user interface
  • Remote system management from any location using standard browser



  • Easy installation, fast configuration, minimal training for operation
  • The self-hosted browser-based controller allows for easy installation and fast system configuration
  • Easy set up in just a few steps
  • Intuitive, user-friendly graphical user interface
  • Remote system management from any location
  • Quick access to event video identification provides more secure check of access points before granting access to cardholders
  • A single database contains photo image of cardholder for verification
  • Comfortable and flexible applications around the door, such as combined verification and surveillance
  • Easy identification of tailgating or threats
  • Complies with the highest Bosch quality standards - A secure investment


The controller supports up to 16 readers, monitor up to 32 auxiliary supervised inputs and controls up to 32 auxiliary relay outputs.

Graphical user interface

  • Interactive embedded help screen
  • Intuitive icons
  • Descriptive, easy-to-understand information
  • Well organized web menu and programming for fast set up

Video integration

  • Live images of high-security areas possible
  • Video verification mode with up to 3 cameras per door for designated areas
  • Event log with access to related CCTV archive images can be accessed with the click of a button

Intrusion monitoring

  • Integration of intrusion panels via predefined advanced I/O for system arming and disarming with access control credential

Remote access

  • Internet or intranet
  • Network TCP/IP connection via LAN, VPN, WAN or dial-up modem

Report generation

  • Muster list by zone or area
  • Sorting by visitor, employee or department
  • Easy exporting of reports to MS Excel

Alarm notification

  • E-mail notification via SMTP
  • Text messaging via serial COM port using an GSM modem

Multiple access modes

  • User-definable PIN codes
  • Multiple-function access credentials
  • Time schedules

Advanced I/O programming

  • Integration of external devices and equipment via supervised inputs and relay outputs
  • Advanced programming option based on OR, AND, XOR, NAND logic among others to customize the system to meet individual needs and preferences



Access Easy Control System is the ideal, web-based, easy-to-install solution for small to mid-sized applications, like:

  • Shops
  • Office buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Small schools
  • City halls
  • Gas stations
  • Small hotels

The web-based access control solution is easy to manage from any computer running a standard web browser. Its advanced features include a video verification mode for high security areas, with up to three cameras per door. There are also functions for turning lights on/off and arming/disarming intrusion systems, among others.