Bosch provides limited software features and hardware for existing licensed ReadykeyPRO systems only. These products can be ordered through our customer service department through January 17, 2017.

For new access control installations, consider our Access Easy Control or Access Professional Edition systems for small-to-medium-sized applications.


ReadyKeyPRO Support


For ReadykeyPRO technical concerns or warranty repair, please contact Lenel Systems International at 1-800-631-6046 or Lenel requires a certification ID and system ID (dongle or softkey license ID for the system user) to provide you with technical support.


ReadykeyPRO Software Information

For the last service release of ReadykeyPRO v6.5.624 HF1, please navigate to Software Download below. This service release is available for systems that have a valid contract term or for systems running v6.5.624.

Software Version Release Date
6.5.624 HF1 Dec-13
6.5.624 Nov-12
6.4.500 Feb-11
6.1.222 Nov-09
5.12.012 Apr-08
5.10.310 Jun-04
5.9.309 Mar-03
5.8.405 Nov-01


Software Download

ReadykeyPRO Unlimited software and supplemental downloads are in the form of ISO CD/DVD images that will either need to be burned to a CD/DVD or mounted virtually using disk image emulation software.


Using a computer with a CD/DVD burner and software, burn the ISO image to a blank CD/DVD. We recommend burning at the lowest speed supported by your CD/DVD burner to ensure the highest quality disk.

5.12.012 CD ISO image requires a CD to burn the ISO image

6.1.222 and 6.4.500 DVD ISO images require a DVD to burn the ISO image

Insert the CD/DVD into the CD/DVD drive of the computer on which you wish to install ReadykeyPRO Unlimited.

The installation process should start automatically. If it does not, run setup.exe (or runme.exe for Supplemental) from the CD/DVD to begin the installation.


Using disk image emulation software, extract the ISO image to a directory on your hard drive.

Locate the directory to which you extracted the files and run setup.exe (or runme.exe for Supplemental) to begin installation.


You must use Internet Explorer (IE) 8+, Firefox, or Safari when downloading the Supplemental Materials Revision 7 image. A known issue with IE 6 / 7 prevents them from properly downloading files over 2 GB / 4 GB.

Important Notes:

CD/DVD-burning applications and disk image emulation software capable of mounting ISOs is readily available, both commercially and on a trial or freeware basis.


*As these disk images are quite large, we highly recommend using a broadband connection for downloading. If you are using a slow or unreliable Internet connection, you may wish to utilize a download manager to improve reliability and provide capabilities for pausing and resuming downloads.
If you are unable to download the disk image successfully, please contact Technical Support