Bosch expands B Series Intrusion Control Panel family
More options for integrated security solutions


Bosch Security Systems has launched the B6512 Intrusion Control Panel for its B Series family of integrated security solutions available in North America. Besides the intrusion alarm function, the system is UL listed for residential fire and offers four doors of access control as well as Bosch IP camera and other integration possibilities.

Now featuring four models, the B Series meets the needs of a wider variety of facilities – from retail stores and banks to schools, office buildings, homes, and more. With the ability to monitor 96 points of protection and six areas, the new B6512 panel from Bosch offers the largest capacity in the B Series, making it ideal for midsize installations.

In addition to commercial intrusion and UL listed residential fire detection,

B Series Control Panels offer Bosch IP camera and Smart Home device integration as well as remote command and control with free apps. Users can also benefit from an integration with the Bosch Video Management System for seamless control of security and video devices. Customers gain complete security with only one system to learn, install and maintain for a low total cost of ownership.

Innovative technology simplifies installation

B Series Intrusion Control Panels from Bosch feature on-board Ethernet and USB connections to speed installation and decrease costs for dealers and end users. Built to be future-proof, B Series supports both IPv4 and IPv6 and offers a communication plug-in interface for easy adoption of new cellular and other communication technologies. Also launched with the B6512 from Bosch is a new account assistant option in Bosch’s Remote Programming Software (RPS) that simplifies programming by guiding RPS operators through panel configuration.

The launch of the B6512 also marks the availability of Bosch’s new Remote Connect cloud service. This service makes setting up RPS and app connections to the panel easy by removing the need for a customer to configure their network for inbound communications. Simply plug the panel into the network using the on-board Ethernet port. The panel then reaches out to the cloud without the need to change customer router settings, firewall rules, or setup Domain Name System (DNS) or a virtual private network (VPN) for an inbound connection.

Mobile access keeps users connected

Free apps for iOS or Android devices deliver flexibility and convenience. App users can arm and disarm one or more systems or areas, view live video from integrated Bosch IP cameras, and control Smart Home devices from anywhere. The app also enables users to check system status and lock, unlock, cycle or secure doors within B Series systems that include access control.

With event notifications – such as alarms or warnings from monitored sensors – sent direct to email or phone, users are always kept up to date on the status of their facilities. Multi-lingual support enables notifications to be sent in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese depending on each user’s preference.

The mobile apps, personal notifications and Smart Home capabilities give security dealers a range of options for providing their customers with additional services that extend beyond traditional security monitoring. This creates added value for end users and a direct path to building recurring monthly revenue for dealers.

All B Series Control Panels are now available direct from Bosch, through Anixter, at TRI-ED branch locations throughout North America or through ScanSource. For more information on the B Series from Bosch, visit

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