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Wireless Devices

DICENTIS Wireless Devices
  • 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen and built‑in NFC reader for fast recognition of participants
  • Option to display personalized custom logo on the touch screen
  • Removable Battery Pack, easy to change and charge
  • Configurable as a participant, dual-use or chairperson Wireless Device by use of web browser interface
  • Functionality can be expanded with software modules without the need for hardware modification
IF Design Award 2015

DCNM-WLIION Battery pack for DCNM-WD

  • 24 hours typical use from a full charge
  • Fully recharges in less then 3 hours
  • Lithium‑ion technology
  • Built‑in microprocessor controls charging cycle
  • Long service life without charge degradation

DCNM-HDMIC High directive microphone

  • Discrete microphone for user convenience
  • High directive response
  • Low susceptible for mobile phones
  • Ultra low noise
  • Freedom of movement
DICENTIS Stem Microphone
  • Uni‑directional microphone on adjustable stem
  • Built‑in plop and windshield
  • Low susceptible for mobile phones
  • For acoustical challenging rooms
  • For locations where people want to speak standing upright
DICENTIS Charger for 5 Batteries
  • Simultaneous charging of up to 5 Battery Packs
  • Individual Battery Pack charging capacity indicators
  • Recharges from empty in less then 3 hours
  • Auto‑ranging power supply, 100–240 Vac
  • Loop‑through mains power supply connectors

DCNM-WTCD Transport case wireless sys, 10x DCNM-WD

  • Proven construction
  • Equipment-shaped foam interior
  • Roller wheels for convenient transportation
  • Cushion grip handles; trigger release latches

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