FPA‑5000 With Functional Modules

FPA‑5000 With Functional Modules
  • Modular configuration allowing for easy extension
  • Interconnection of up to 32 Panel Controllers, Remote Keypads, and OPC servers
  • Multiple CAN loop connection with high-performance Ethernet backbone and redundancy
  • Installation and auto-detection of functional modules by simply plugging them into the panel rail
  • Connection to BIS Building Integration System via OPC server

Product variants

BCM-0000-B Battery controller module

monitors the power supply of the fire panel and the charging of the batteries

Commercial Type No.: BCM-0000-B
Product No.: F.01U.081.384

ANI 0016 A Annunciator module

displays the status of 16 individually programmable detection points

Commercial Type No.: ANI 0016 A
Product No.: 4.998.137.262

LSN 0300 A LSN bus module, 300mA

for connecting an LSN loop with up to 254 LSN improved elements or 127 classic LSN elements, with a maximum line current of 300 mA

Commercial Type No.: LSN 0300 A
Product No.: 4.998.137.277

LSN 1500 A LSN bus module, 1500mA

for connecting an LSN loop with up to 254 LSN improved elements with a maximum line current of 1500 mA, or with up to 127 classic LSN elements, with a maximum line current of 300 mA

Commercial Type No.: LSN 1500 A
Product No.: 4.998.137.278

CZM 0004 A Conventional zone module

for connecting conventional peripherals; provides four monitored conventional lines

Commercial Type No.: CZM 0004 A
Product No.: 4.998.137.270

IOS 0020 A Communication module, 20mA

provides one interface of each S20 and RS232

Commercial Type No.: IOS 0020 A
Product No.: 4.998.137.266

IOS 0232 A Communication module, RS232

for connecting two devices, e.g. voice alarm system Plena, a laptop or a printer, via two independent serial interfaces

Commercial Type No.: IOS 0232 A
Product No.: 4.998.137.267

IOP 0008 A Input-output module

for individual displays or flexible connection of various electrical devices, providing eight independent digital inputs and eight open collector outputs

Commercial Type No.: IOP 0008 A
Product No.: 4.998.137.269

RML 0008 A Relay module low-voltage

provides 8 change-over contact relays (type C) for low voltage

Commercial Type No.: RML 0008 A
Product No.: 4.998.137.265

RMH 0002 A Relay module high-voltage

provides 2 change-over contact relays (type C) for high voltage, for monitored connection of external elements with feedback

Commercial Type No.: RMH 0002 A
Product No.: 4.998.137.274

NZM 0002 A Notification appliance zone module

for connecting 2 separate notification appliance zone lines, provides 2 monitored primary lines

Commercial Type No.: NZM 0002 A
Product No.: 4.998.137.275



FLM-320-EOL2W End-of-line module, 2-wire

FLM-320-EOL2W End-of-line module, 2-wire

for termination of 2-wire conventional line with Extended Line Supervision (ELS)

Commercial Type No.: FLM-320-EOL2W
Product No.: F.01U.083.619

FLM-420-EOL2W-W End-of-line module 2-wire LSN wall-mount

FLM-420-EOL2W-W End-of-line module 2-wire LSN wall-mount

for termination of 2-wire LSN line with Extended Line Supervision (ELS), for wall-mounting

Commercial Type No.: FLM-420-EOL2W-W
Product No.: F.01U.096.884

FDP 0001 A Dummy cover

FDP 0001 A Dummy cover

For available module slots

Commercial Type No.: FDP 0001 A
Product No.: F.01U.500.374

PSK 0001 A Lettering strip for keys

PSK 0001 A Lettering strip for keys

20 sheets each with 6 strips, printable,for the functional modules BCM‑0000‑B, LSN 0300 A, LSN 1500 A, CZM 0004 A, NZM 0002 A, RMH 0002 A, CTM 0002 A and ENO 0000 B

Commercial Type No.: PSK 0001 A
Product No.: F.01U.500.366

PSL 0001 A Lettering strip for LEDs

PSL 0001 A Lettering strip for LEDs

20 sheets each with 10 strips, printable, for the ANI I0016 A Annunciator Module

Commercial Type No.: PSL 0001 A
Product No.: F.01U.500.363