Power Supply Brackets

Power Supply Brackets
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    Material PA6 Plastic, Grilon BS V0 (UL94 V‑0)
    Color Satin finish, anthracite, RAL 7016
    FPO-5000-PSB-CH Approx. 550 g (19.4 ounces)
    FPO-5000-PSB1 Approx. 395 g (13.9 ounces)
    Permissible operating temperature -5 °C ... 50 °C (23 °F ... 122 °F)
    Permissible storage temperature -20 °C ... 60 °C (-4 °F...140 °F)


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Product variants

FPO-5000-PSB1 Power supply bracket, single slot

for PSS 0002 A and PSB 0004 A

Commercial Type No.: FPO-5000-PSB1
Product No.: F.01U.078.858

FPO-5000-PSB-CH Power supply bracket, compact housing

for HCP 0006 A, HBC 0010 A and HBE 0012 A

Commercial Type No.: FPO-5000-PSB-CH
Product No.: F.01U.078.860