D7048/D7048B Octal Driver Modules

D7048/D7048B Octal Driver Modules
  • Compatible with the D7024, FPD-7024, or FPA‑1000 FACPs
  • D7048 mounts inside the FACP enclosure; no separate enclosure needed
  • D7048B includes mounting skirt and red metal enclosure for mounting outside of the FACP enclosure
  • Each driver output is fully programmable
  • Up to two modules are supported by the FACP

Product variants

D7048 Octal driver module, 12V

Provides eight open-collector transistor outputs (current sinks) to FPA‑1000, FPD-7024, or D7024 FACPs through the control panel's option bus.

Commercial Type No.: D7048
Product No.: 4.998.800.541