B820 Inovonics SDI2 bus interface

Commercial Type No.: B820
Product No.: F.01U.173.757

B820 Inovonics SDI2 bus interface
  • Provides connectivity to Inovonics EchoStream EN4200 Serial Receiver
  • May be installed up to 1000 ft from the control panel, allowing for optimal wireless reception
  • Capacity to store any combination of point and keyfob ID’s for a total of 350 wireless devices (combined types) and up to 8 repeater ID’s
  • Mounts directly inside the EN4200 Receiver housing, no separate enclosure required
  • UL and CSFM Listed


Kit B820/EN4200

Kit containing B820 and EN4200 for use on SDI2 bus panels.

Commercial Type No.: ENKIT-SDI2
Product No.: F.01U.263.632