B444 Conettix Plug-in 4G LTE Cellular Communicator

B444 Conettix Plug-in 4G LTE Cellular Communicator
  • Secure Conettix IP communication from compatible Bosch panels to Bosch receivers using Verizon 4G LTE cellular network
  • Remote programming and monitoring of compatible Bosch panels
  • Personal SMS message and e-mail notification options
  • Direct configuration from Bosch Remote Programming Software (RPS) eliminating the need for separate configuration
  • Simple LED status information and advanced keypad diagnostics available with easy 2 step plug-in installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance

Product variants

B444 Plug-in cellular module, VZW LTE, hot

Pre-activated 4G LTE cellular communicator for secure two-way IP communication on the Verizon Wireless LTE network.

Commercial Type No.: B444
Product No.: F.01U.335.089