Programming Software

Remote Programming Software
  • Account Assistant simplifies programming for B Series Control Panels
  • Configuration Assistant allows RPS operators to quickly configure RPS for Remote Connect (a Bosch Cloud-based Service) and Bosch Cellular Service
  • Remote firmware updates for GV4, B9512G/B8512G, and B Series control panels
  • Updates prior versions of 9000 or G Series control panel accounts to GV4 or B9512G/B8512G control panel accounts
  • Unattended service for the G, GV2, GV3, GV4, B9512G/B8512G and B Series control panels using Conettix IP communications
Remote Programming Software LITE
  • Intended for system owners to perform user-related, control panel programming
  • Allows RPS operators to view control panel, module, and services diagnostics
  • Supports multiple workstations on a network
  • Supports SQL database
  • Supports static IP or DNS lookup
  • Supports up to 250,000 users and up to 10,000 panels
  • Easily manage user information across multiple control panels in a single screen
  • Import function quickly adds users from panel accounts or CSV files to the RPS-UMM user list
  • Audit function analyzes imported and changed user information for potential problems
  • History function tracks changes made by RPS-UMM operators
  • Customize your RPS-UMM workspace

D5370-USB Security dongle, USB

  • Required accessory for RPS to enable communication (except for B Series control panels)
  • Easily plugs into the computer's USB port
RPS Lite

D5371-USB Security block (USB)

  • Required accessory for RPS to enable communication
  • Easily plugs into the computer's USB port

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