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PLENA matrix

PLENA matrix

PLM-8M8 Mixer, 8-channel

  • Complete DSP zone matrix mixer and loudspeaker processor
  • 4 microphone/line, 3 music source, call station and emergency inputs
  • 8 independent output zones, and “Amp Link” outputs
  • Ethernet control and Windows PC GUI, and an iOS app for zone control via iPhone and iPad
  • RS485 connection for call stations and wall control panels
PLM-4Px2x Power amplifier
  • 4‑channel, Class D power amplifier
  • 100V/70V/8Ω/4Ω outputs
  • Complete loudspeaker processing DSP with input mixing; controlled by PC GUI and iOS app
  • Amp Link to connect easily with PLM-8M8
  • Environmentally friendly auto standby mode
PLENA matrix

PLM-8CS Call station, 8-zone

  • Capacitive touch
  • Programmable zone selection
  • Modern aesthetic design
  • Powered from PLM‑8M8
  • Loop‑through to connect with either more Call Stations or Wall Control Panels
PLENA matrix

PLM-WCP Wall control panel

  • Capacitive touch
  • Source selection
  • Volume control
  • Powered from PLM‑8M8
  • Loop‑through to connect with either more Wall Control Panels or Call Stations

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