Plena Public Address and Voice Alarm

PLENA voice alarm
  • Heart of the Plena Voice Alarm System
  • EN 54‑16 certified and EN 60849 compliant
  • Message manager and 240 W amplifier build‑in
  • Six‑zone outputs
  • 6 emergency and 6 business triggers
PLENA voice alarm
  • Expand the Plena Voice Alarm System with six zones
  • EN 54‑16 certified
  • 12 additional input contacts
  • Six volume override output contacts
  • Supervision within the Plena Voice Alarm System
PLENA voice alarm
  • Stylish six‑zone call station for the Plena Voice Alarm System
  • Six zone selection keys, all-call key and momentary PTT-key for calls
  • Selectable gain, speech filter, limiter, and output level for improved intelligibility
  • LED indications for zone selection, fault, and emergency state
  • Call station extension provides seven additional zone and zone group keys
PLENA voice alarm
  • Seven zone selection keys
  • LED indications for zone selection
  • Up to eight keypads can be connected together
  • All‑in‑one solution for audio transport on IP‑networks
  • Supervised control inputs and outputs
  • Supports re‑broadcasting
  • Configurable audio delay on the output for loudspeaker alignment
  • EN 54‑16 compliant IP solution
PLN‑24CH12 24 V and PRS‑48CH12 48 V Battery Chargers
  • 12 A battery charger
  • 6x 40 A, 3x 5 A outputs
  • 150 A back‑up current
  • Fully supervised, EN 54‑4 certified
  • Under‑voltage and over‑voltage protection
PLENA voice alarm
  • Pilot tone detection on 100 V loudspeaker lines
  • Voltage free switch 200 V 1 A and LED indications of pilot tone
  • Daisy chainable for monitoring multiple zones on a single input contact
  • Fits on built-in mounts on selected Bosch loudspeakers
  • EN 54‑16 certified
PLENA voice alarm
  • Provides filtered load at 20 kHz
  • Makes longer loudspeaker lines possible
  • Three power settings
  • Fits on built‑in mounts on selected Bosch loudspeakers
  • EN 54‑16 certified

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