• 960H RT high-resolution on HDMI output
  • Mobile device support (iOS, Android)
  • Remote alarm notification
  • Network function for remote viewing, playback and control
  • Simultaneous monitoring, recording and playback

Product variants

DVR-3000-08A001 Recorder 8ch, DVD writer, no HDD

3000 family DVR, 8-channel, with DVD writer

Commercial Type No.: DVR-3000-08A001
Product No.: F.01U.288.701

DVR-XS400-A HDD expansion 4TB

Storage expansion kit. 4 TB

Commercial Type No.: DVR-XS400-A
Product No.: F.01U.302.657

DVR-XS300-A HDD expansion 3TB

Storage expansion kit. 3 TB

Commercial Type No.: DVR-XS300-A
Product No.: F.01U.302.621

DVR-XS200-A HDD expansion 2TB

Storage expansion kit. 2 TB

Commercial Type No.: DVR-XS200-A
Product No.: F.01U.302.620

DVR-3000-08A201 Recorder 8ch, 1x2TB, DVD writer

3000 family DVR, 8-channel, with 2 TB HDD and DVD writer

Commercial Type No.: DVR-3000-08A201
Product No.: F.01U.288.822



DVR-XS-DVD DVD writer expansion

DVR-XS-DVD DVD writer expansion

Commercial Type No.: DVR-XS-DVD
Product No.: F.01U.279.686

DVR-XS050-A Storage Expansion Kit

DVR-XS050-A Storage Expansion Kit

Storage expansion kit. 500 GB

Commercial Type No.: DVR-XS050-A
Product No.: F.01U.302.618